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воскресенье, 25 марта 2012 г.


I am leaving on holidays in a beautiful country-UAE. I can't wait when we go with the family to buy up all the fancy stuff for Super price))) by the way, what do you think the score of a  swimsuit in the retro style ? 

среда, 7 марта 2012 г.


Dear readers, if you have some questions,suggestions, criticism pls, write all of you want on my e-mail: mariyavin72@hotmail.com
I promise, that I will answer) 

Women`s day!

8 th of March!!! Women`s day!!! Candys, flowers! Wow, three weekends!
Dear girls, stay the same beautiful, kind, loving, loved, and the most important feminine)

P.S.  Hey guys, in this day not upload!