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суббота, 26 ноября 2011 г.

Mother`s day!!!

Happy mother`s day all mom on the planet!!!***

Beauty Miss

Green eyes,
Purple lips,
Shake this,
Move peace.
Green eyes,
Purple lips.
I`m your
beauty Miss.

Everybody stars now.
Please forget about shou.
Shake your body.
Don`t be shoddy,
We are on the dancefloor.

2. Where are you looking at?
You are look like pretty cat.
DJ, make the music loud,
We will fly to the cloud.
We are on the dancefloor.

пятница, 18 ноября 2011 г.

Always think,,,

Tomorrow I will go to the party. My classmate 19.11 have a birthday. I think one of the best presents is interesting book.)
Mmm I always think about my future education. I don`t know where I want to study. It`s really strange...
But I hope that I will choose my future place for education.)))

суббота, 5 ноября 2011 г.

Some facts about me)))

Hi!!! Today I want to tell you some facts about me. For example my favourite actor or song)))
1. My favourite actress is Blake Lively, but in GG I like Blair, Serena is cool , but B the best of the best.
2. In my family 4 people : mom, father , sister and I.
3. 2011 is very difficult year for me. My grandfather died( father`s father). Sad(((
4. I usually hide my feels. It`s so dificult.
5. My favourite subject at school is English and Informatics.
6. I don`t like physics.
7. I like to speak about fashiom and movies.
8. I want visit NY and LA.
9. My favourite singer is Sia and Katty Perry.
10.My idol is my grandfather( mother`s father). He is the best grandfather and friend in the world.

пятница, 4 ноября 2011 г.

Beautiful dream.

Please close your eyes
And spread your wings.
Sorry for my stupid wish.
I should go
Through the sky.

My beautiful dream,
Come here again,
Touch my hand
And let`s go.


A lot of times in my life
I saw you in my dreams,
But now your alive
And stand next to me.


Straigh up through the sky.
Straig up to the sun
And never sleep.
Straigh up through the world.
Straigh up through the stars.
Complete this song.



Мама , ты одна всё знаешь.
Мама, ты одна меня понимаешь.
Всегда рядом, когда мне плохо,
Щемит в груди и одиноко.

По небу облако плывёт
И мы не знаем, что несёт
Снег или дождь, непогода.
Живём во сне уже полгода.


Шумит листва под ногами,
Осень пришла вместе с дождями.
Перепутались мысли в голове,
Остались воспоминания в душе.


Song day.

Hi blog))) Today my father`s bitrthday!!! Happy birthday !!!! Love u so much ! I wish u health, love)
And today some strange feelings owerflow me. I about two ours ago I write two songs... mmm... now, it`s a poems , byt mb in future it will be songs. U can read it. You can write under my poems. Like u or not. I will be fine to hear your opinion. One song on russian language another on english. Russian song about mom.