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суббота, 5 ноября 2011 г.

Some facts about me)))

Hi!!! Today I want to tell you some facts about me. For example my favourite actor or song)))
1. My favourite actress is Blake Lively, but in GG I like Blair, Serena is cool , but B the best of the best.
2. In my family 4 people : mom, father , sister and I.
3. 2011 is very difficult year for me. My grandfather died( father`s father). Sad(((
4. I usually hide my feels. It`s so dificult.
5. My favourite subject at school is English and Informatics.
6. I don`t like physics.
7. I like to speak about fashiom and movies.
8. I want visit NY and LA.
9. My favourite singer is Sia and Katty Perry.
10.My idol is my grandfather( mother`s father). He is the best grandfather and friend in the world.

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