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воскресенье, 18 сентября 2011 г.

My little poems.

6 month ago I wrote two poems. Now you can read it) One about glamour life and another about little, lonely girl.

Glamour life.
O, glamour life,
I like you baby,
Like everything bright and loud.
With you I can`t be proud.
Like Top Shop brand,
With Kate Moss in a leading role,
Like nightclubs, a lot of diamonds,
Expensive things.
I am the queen on parties ,
How on the ship bad pirates.
I have a lot of strangers things,
When I paint my lips.
Can you repeat your name?
Yeah. You are glamour life, it`s great.

Lonely girl.
Lonely girl.
Beautiful lonely girl.
She doesn`t  has friends ,
She doesn`t has fun.
She lives in a small , dark city,
Where rivers are pitty.
She wants to love ,
She wants to be happy,
And be so pretty.
Once a hangman prince
Will come and kill her loneliness,
And she will blossom,
How flowers blossom,
And the sun will shine,
And a day will be fun.

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